Adam Husler

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How to Teach When Shitty Things (Injuries, Illness, etc) Happen to You

You’ve chosen to make a living relying partially or entirely on teaching yoga, which means to keep up the payments on rent, food and everything else, you need to keep teaching though the harder times in your life. Sorry to be pessimistic, but if you’re going to be doing this for a long time, injuries will come, relationships will end, people will die, but you’ll probably still need to teach for financial reasons and to maintain relationships with clients/studios.

In this session, I will share my personal experience and learning:

  • Of breaking my foot in January and spending thousands on ubers to get me around/ why i did that
  • Of adapting teaching style when injured and how to have the conversation with studios about adapting
  • Of the importance of honoring international commitments and london classes through injury and family bereavement
  • Of processing emotional trauma and being able to teach through it
  • Of not feeling fraudulent when you are teaching yoga but are not in a ‘perfect’ place yourself
  • On seeking and accepting help
  • On the learning you can take from these times
Teaching in top yoga studios and exclusive settings across London, every week, Adam Husler (500hr RYT) is one of the city’s most in demand yoga teachers, racking up an exhausting amount of miles on his bike! Occasionally London life gets left behind as a global teaching schedule is delivered, which in 2017 will take him from the Slovenia to Italy, Switzerland to Norway, along with plenty of destinations beyond. Adam is one of the busiest and caffeinated (joke…./half truth) class teachers on the yoga scene. Students can even, perhaps unwisely, bring him to their lounge via multiple online platforms.

With a eclectic background including boxing, ultramarathons, a law degree and over 9 years on a yoga mat, Adam brings a unique perspective to his non-dogmatic yoga teaching . A teacher for those that want to gain understanding of their bodies, Adam’s classes feature: intelligent alignment, anatomical precision and creative sequencing that give more significance to mobility rather than flexibility. Having studied yoga asana and movement under world leaders, Jason Crandell and Cameron Shayne, amongst others, Adam has also had the privilege of studying meditation and mindfulness under the renowned Michael Stone.

Through work with brands including Adidas, Kit and Ace, Boys of Yoga, Harrods, The Hoxton and the Evening Standard, Adam has been able to build a global audience, from which to encourage more people to roll out a yoga mat for the first time and experienced practitioners to do so with more anatomical awareness.





I’ve practiced asana as a performing monkey in shop windows, on Norwegian mountain tops, but perhaps the most bizarre was on a movie set in Bulgaria, when I was practicing in what in essence was ancient Rome (with full size coliseum behind me) yet overlooking Sofia city.