Adell Bridges

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How to Grow a Massive Following on Instagram. Authentically.

Adell Bridges will be teaching you how to use Instagram as a tool to promote your yourself as a yoga teacher and not feel like Shiva will destroy you for it! A lot of yogis feel like Instagram and yoga can’t go together, but Adell will teach you how you can use this platform to spread your passion for yoga, connect to an amazing and beautiful community, promote love and compassion, and grow a following of people who want to practice with you!

Adell Bridges began taking yoga classes as a way to heal from old gymnastics injuries and, as someone who always enjoyed a physical challenge, found it incredibly boring. The classes available to her in her town were not what she needed at that time to fall in love with yoga. Luckily she heard about the Instagram yoga community and joined in, and through following yoga accounts there, learned that there was much more to yoga than what was available in her town.  She began training online and developed a self-practice, and was hooked.  

Through the power of Instagram, words of honesty, and authenticity, she has grown a following of +100k.

She now travels the world to share her love of yoga, and it’s all thanks to Instagram!




“The Yogi’s Guide to Instagram” — I will soon get a domain for this and share! eBook is still under construction but will be available soon!

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