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How to Speak Comfortably on Camera and Present Your Best, Authentic Self

Recording yourself on camera is tough, trust me, it took six months before I had the nerves to hit that record button. But as digital platforms expand and the online world becomes more welcomed, it’s important for yoga teachers to consider going online and sharing their work via yoga videos.

In today’s talk, we will discuss important lessons that I’ve learned in growing a dedicated community who practices with me daily in the comfort of their home. You can expect  things like: what equipment you need, how to create a yoga class set, how to prepare for your class, what components the video needs, and most importantly – how you can confidently teach + engage with your students without seeing them face-to-face!

Allie is the soul behind The Journey Junkie, an online community that aims to help people live their best journey through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and positive living. She’s taught thousands of people how to create and sustain a yoga practice from the comfort of their home with her weekly yoga videos, challenges, and paid programs. You can find more about Allie and practice alongside her at





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