Cynthia Wong

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Digital Marketing 101 for Yoga Teachers

How often do you hear people say they know what yoga is all about? That they’ll join your class when they are more flexible, in need of a stretch, or just another time, since they did yoga last week?

As teachers, we know that no two classes or teachers are the same. Each class has a different focus, each teacher adds their own flavor. However, the reality is we live in a time where yoga classes and teachers are aplenty and marketing can be overwhelming. Teachers often struggle to differentiate themselves and their services to attract the clientele they want to grow. We love yoga and teaching, but how do we efficiently, cost effectively acquire students and followers while authentically branding ourselves?

With 7 years in digital marketing and advertising, I’ll break down the scope for yoga professionals so you can craft your strategy. From social media, content, email, ads, and beyond, successfully navigate the options to spread yoga and its benefits to more people, grow your community, introduce new experiences, and have fun discovering yourself and your growth through the process.

Cynthia Wong is on a mission to create 1 million inspired moments to empower people all over the world to step into their passions and light. She sees yoga as a transformative tool for people to reconnect and step into the person they’ve always known they can be.

With 7 years of digital marketing experience for enterprises, companies, startups, apps, NGO/nonprofits, events and more, she’s eager to share her learnings with the yoga community. While born and raised in Chicago, Cynthia’s lived in 8 countries and traveled 56, currently based out of Malaysia. She’s received 3 certifications in Bali – Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Standup Paddleboard Yoga, and Pre/Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga.

Cynthia crafts experiences to build conscious communities, embracing yoga as well as personal goals and visions. Communities include runners, families, couples, pre/postnatal, mama n bubs, refugee girls, male pageant finalists, live music sunset yoga at MURFEST, SUP Yoga at Bali Spirit Fest, etc. Often including elements, such as meditation, sharing, playlists, live music, candles, etc, she hand picks unassuming, yet inspiring venues such as balconies, city center rooftops, beaches, eco-resorts, desert festivals, urban parks, cafes, coworking spaces, 5 star resorts on private islands, a huge open air, rooftop geodesic dome structure, island yoga retreats, etc. Having taught nearly 100 classes outdoors across 10 cities and islands, Cynthia believes through connecting with each other and nature, we can surrender to the magic that exists all around us to become truly inspired and empowered by our light within.




A huge open air, deodesic dome structure on a rooftop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia flowing through sunset and dusk into the start of darkness. That, or a 10pm candlelight class in a cafe 🙂