David Gabbay

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How to Sequence like a Magician

Learning to sequence a flow seamlessly is always a satisfying feeling.  As a professional magician, my goal is to create shows that are engaging, cutting out any dull moments.  I strive to do the same with my yoga classes, create a cinematic aesthetic, and the use of seamless music helps create that atmosphere.  In this talk I will explore some products and apps that have helped me better routine and control music throughout class.  This allows me to step away from my music device allowing me to be more present with my students.

Small changes can create a more welcoming ambience for you practice giving you the confidence to find your truest self as an instructor.  I will teach you methods I have adopted to control and add music to your flow to create more of an immersive experience for your students while selecting music that best suits you.  I will also share practice tips I have used in my magic to help myself become a more confident and able instructor.   A lot of magic is hiding the preparation and work that goes into a performance.  I like a yoga class to feel the same way making the difficult look effortless so your focus can be on your students.

David has been a professional magician and sleight of hand artist for the past 15 years, performing magic for audiences around the world on land and at sea.  Over the course of the last two years David has incorporated his methods of training used in his sleight of hand to his asana practice to better understand postures and progress at a safe effective manner.

There are many similarities between the practice of magic and asana, and performing a show or leading a yoga class.  Using his background as a performer, engaging audience attention, David strives to replicate that feeling through the yoga classes he leads, creating a seamless ambiance turning a class into a journey. This rather obscure entrance into the world of yoga has given him a unique lens through which he sees his practice and instruction.



In the back of an airplane.