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The Art of Private Sessions

Have you always been interested to expand your yoga teachings outside of group classes? Or you feel ready to take your students deeper into your yoga practice? Do you have an additional skill to offer to your student? Are you just tired running from studio to studio and want stabile income?

Then private or 1-1 classes is the right fit for you where you can grow as a multi-faceted yoga teacher and spiritual entrepreneur. In this talk you will learn how to break the mold and discover a new and proven channel for your business with the help of Private Sessions.

Starting or adding a new business channel can already be overwhelming enough, that’s why I’ve made sure to provide you with a clear structured talk that will guide you through the first steps in achieving financial freedom.

You will learn how to:

  • win your first private student
  • structure the content of a private tuition
  • balance the elements of a private sessions
  • build up a years-long relationships with your students
  • grow as a multi-dimensional teacher with your students
  • talk about money and position your business
  • to be in best service to your student and yourself
Irina B ( Yogirina ) believes that’s not about her. Irina’s mission is to teach how to live consciously and successfully, by serving others, in the power of one’s own unique radiant light. It’s about the magical shift that is happening during yoga practice, workshops or in a individualized private counselling session. When her students exhale, open their eyes and smile.

After running her private boutique studio ‘Yoga Private Space’ where Irina had created many various transformations in the lives of her students, she continues on her lifelong mission. Irina was introduced to classical Hatha Yoga in her early teenage years and it has been a lifesaver through the tough times.

After a life threatening ski crash, Irina self-developed a therapeutic rehab-yoga-practice that helped her to walk, run, dance and stand on her head again. Yoga was her rock, through burnout in a corporate role, moving countries and even through a divorce.

Ashtanga vinyasa and meditation practice, intuitive energy healing and later on personal development tools, established a healthy balance between work, rest and play. Irina’s spiritual studies from Vipassana centers, Zen monasteries and ashrams throughout the years have taught her to discover the source of her own happiness, energy, joy and inner beauty.

Irina is currently travelling around the world, giving workshops, mentoring Yoga teachers, running Masterminds, coaching private clients and lecturing at yoga teacher trainings. She is sharing her experiences and helping her students to reach their full potential.

Learn more about Irina, her teachings, workshops and more on her website and make sure to follow her social media channels for daily inspiration, practical meditation tips and delicious vegan recipes.  


Irina B

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