Jonny Miller

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Crash Course: Facebook Ads for Yoga Teachers

CTR, CLV, CPC… WTF? Marketing buzzwords feel intimidating to “non-marketers” but I’ll show you that setting up your first ad campaign is surprisingly intuitive and can be done in less than 15 minutes. Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool for yoga teachers, studio owners and online course creators. I’ll be sharing lessons learned from my own experience running campaigns – everything from helping a friend launch and then fill her new yoga studio to multi-million dollar revenue generating campaigns.

A practising Yoga and Surf instructor, Jonny has spent the better half of the last decade immersed in the startup world, learning how to build communities and grow businesses working on everything from Kickstarter projects to million dollar advertising campaigns. As cofounder at and leader of the Startup Tribe in London he honed his marketing and teaching skills.



Mid-flight at the back of a Boeing 747!