Liz Huntly and Roland Jensch

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How to Successfully Organize a Yoga Festival

Ever wanted to organize a yoga festival filled with world-class teachers and muscians? Want to create an intentional community that attracts people from all over the world? Learn the secrets behind organizing a successful yoga festival from Liz Huntly and Roland Jensch, founders of “The Groove” yoga festival.

Get a behind the scenes look on planning, budgeting, venue-finding, and speaker recruiting. You’ll leave the session inspired, confident, and empowered.

This session is a must-watch for anyone who wants to plan a successful yoga-festival without breaking the bank and burning out.

Liz and Roland are founders of “The Groove” yoga festival series. The Groove creates a space to celebrate communities of families and friends, local communities, communities of yoga, communities of love networked across Canada, Germany and beyond. The Groove honors the relationship between these human communities and the local traditions that have sustained them, the relationship held between cultivating livable environments and nourishing a healthy soul.


Liz and Roland’s rich teaching is rooted in their own intensive practices. Fundamental knowledge of anatomy and detailed technical instruction forms the basis for leading students towards difficult asanas. The focus is not so much on success within the pose, as on creating a space for students to experiment and unfold. The journey is the destination—and the journey takes us to our deepest selves. Liz and Roland’s style is profoundly spiritual, and at the same time playful. They skillfully guide students in discovering and understanding the physical body, creating a potential for mental and energetic transformation. Their teaching is infused with fierce love,  joy, and laughter.

Liz and Roland teach workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally in both English and German. They contribute to various magazines and blogs, including the German-language Yoga Journal and Yoga Aktuell.



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