Mackenzie Miller


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Living Authentically and Without Ego

MacKenzie has moved from Seattle to Los Angeles (twice) and most recently Canada following her heart and passion for teaching yoga. Learn her techniques to cultivate a life full of love and purpose. One of the biggest lessons she’s learnt and will cover is the power of connection.

MacKenzie is an international yoga instructor and lover of life. Her teaching combines the thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement. Through the power of social media, words of honesty and authenticity she has grown a following of +300k. You can find her at or @mackenzieyoga spreading the joy of yoga worldwide.





My favorite dessert that we do at home is a homemade ice cream sandwich. This isn’t anything fancy. You start with homemade chocolate chip cookies. The key with the cookies is to cook them a little less than you think you should. This is what keeps your cookies a bit gooey. Once you have the cookies you take a scoop of ice cream (the flavor is up to you, but I go with classic vanilla) and place it between two cookies. Viola! You’ll have the tastiest ice cream sandwich you’ve ever had.