Patty Van de Bogart

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How to Get Hired as an Udaya Yoga Teacher

Learn who makes the cut as an Udaya yoga teacher. I’ll reveal the top qualities we look for in a world-class teacher, common mistakes that yoga teachers make when they approach us to teach, and how to avoid them.

Our Udaya teachers include: Tony Giuliano, Vytas Baskausas, Rudy Mettia, Daniel Scott, Jason Anderson, Micheline Berry, Koya Webb. Sianna Sherman & Annie Carpenter, Adam Husler, Brett Moran, Emma Henry, Emily-Clare Hill, Michael James Wong, Celest Peirera, Jang-Ho Kim, Liz Huntly Roland Jensch, Carolina Fischer, Beate Tschirch, Eva Klein.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Udaya, Patty Van de Bogart, is in charge of course production, festival production, and international expansion. She has recruited teachers across 3 continents and produced two international yoga festivals.

Udaya has over 800 HD professionally-filmed online yoga and nutrition classes taught by some of the best teachers in the world.

Unlike other online yoga classes, each Udaya class is captured using highly specialized cinema industry camera equipment and an experienced film crew. We shoot using multiple camera angles to encapsulate every aspect of each pose and instruction.


Like most traveling yogis, in the back of an airplane somewhere over an ocean on an 10+ hour flight!